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Veil length guide

Wedding Veil length

Royal Cathedral Length veil

are you looking for a regal entrance? You will want to choose a cathedral length veil that will make you feel like a princess! Our Cathedral length veils are 350cm long and trail beautifully.

Cathedral Length Veil

Our Cathedral length veils are 300cm long and with a gorgeous, flowing trail.  This veil type should extend past the bride’s train, and when spread out still allow the gown to be seen.

Chapel Length Veil

Our Chapel length veils are 230cm long and like our Cathedral length veils these will still trail beautifully. Perfect for an intimate ceremony where friends and family stay close.

Floor length veil

At 200cm long, our floor length veils are perfect for the bride looking for something more free flowing, but still full length. They will just touch the floor with a very light trail that will vary depending on your height and shoe selection.

Ballet Length Veil

Our ballet length veils are 150cm long and will flow freely as you move. These will usually just touch the back of your calf and whisper softly as you walk.

Fingertip Length Veil

130 cms in length, and as you would expect these veils will reach close to your fingertips for a light, gentle touch as you walk. Both elegant and light, these veils are perfect for an extended photo session after the ceremony.

Elbow length Veil

As the name suggests, these veils fall near the elbows and are 100 cms long. Very light and easy to wear, these veils are designed to show off your dress in all it’s glory whilst taking nothing away from the moment you say “I do”

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